Ray Lim
Ray Lim
Ray Lim in 2009.

Birth Name

Lim jia, Ray (林嘉)


November 15, 1987 (age 27)




Cyber Security Expert, "Hacker"



Ray Lim (born November 15, 1987) is a Cyber Security Expert currently working in "O" company. He went through ITE, Polytechnic to University and acquire skills from computer hardware to software, programming to cyber security. He is basically a "Hacker". Even in game such as, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, some players will always report him from hacking but he will never get ban.

Biography Edit

Ray is born in Singapore, used to be called "The Rolling Thunder" because of his destructive power he can deal when he charge toward his target. Ray is well known for appearing in a meme wearing a T-shirt with "You don't Chibai" printed on it.

In 2011, he gain popularity after using a laser pointer to point at one of his classmate's balloon, hence bursting it and causing his classmate to cry. On his advanture to a quarry for fishing with his clique, he caught a fish named "Rabbit fish" by his friend "S". 

Ray is a adventurous man. He always wanted to form a adventure club but has never once succeed in forming. Till today, he is still trying to recruit member to join his club. 

In 2015 February 26th, he made a promise through Whatsapp to treat all his friend in the group to 鲍鱼 if he win the TOTO draw on February 27th even if it's only $10 consolation.

Achievement / Title Edit

Year Achievement Condition Title
2011 Charging toward a target and deal massive damage enough to make the target roll on the floor. The Rolling Thunder
2011 Catch a "Rabbit fish" in a Quarry "Rabbit" Fisherman